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Steam Release (PC)
"Cough" Bump release date
up up cronulla
be when they have fixed it not going to release another broken game
Wonder if it'll break Street date lol
up up cronulla
(08-02-2017, 02:13 AM)bmot Wrote: be when they have fixed it not going to release another broken game

Who says it's broken? You? Not the majority, that's for sure.
Could we get some PC gameplay ?
up up cronulla
for the RLL3 release, if i remember correctly (probably dont) the PC release was after the consoles, but had a patch that the consoles didn't get for a while. (again, this might not be accurate.)
as I'm yet to play it, cant comment on if the game needs patching or not, but maybe there will be some updates done before the PC release...
The PC release was very quick for 3, console was 10/9 and PC was 30/9. And we were used as testers for the patch before it was submitted for consoles.
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No Bumping.... we're all eager to know the PC Release date... but thread bumping is just annoying. Smile
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I wonder if the PC version will ship with the 2nd (non day 1) patch
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Ok, no thread bumping...
Hey any word on the PC release? 

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