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Is the patch here already. Rugby League Live 4: Version 1.01 update file
Wowsers. I only heard about this game existing after it released nearly - seems like more of the same reactions.

Im sure the same sort of reactions happen with any sports game release. Hell, you only have to read the comments made about nba2k which is arguably head and shoulders above any other sports title to see that. I guess whats different about us is we are a small market and pretty much all the passionate league gamers are in one place having a rant. Unlike 2k or madden we all live in fear this game could be the last and we are all still waiting for that game that gets it mostly right. I think the patched and updated version of rll2 was probably the closest ive seen.

Ill probably still get around to buying this game regardless because i want league games to keep being made. But hell - im an old man now who has been posting about league games as long as rads (stacey jones rugby league days) and i dont have the time i used to to sink into these things. I totally get where guys like rads and yuna are coming from.  Stuff like the fullback staying back in attack have been issues in every single game ive played. The issue has been fixed in the past with patches - why are we back here again? These arent picky complaints or unrealistic wish lists, its core gameplay we should expect to see (and have seen implemented eventually in patches for previous titles).  

Theres obviously a lot of good stuff in this game graphically and the forward play sounds great. It just feels like every time we get a new league game we take one step forward and a bunch of steps back.  

Thanks for everyone who is on here who has posted vids by the way.  really appreciate it.

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RE: Is the patch here already. Rugby League Live 4: Version 1.01 update file - by YOGI - 07-26-2017, 08:04 PM

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