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I am a massive fan about gameplay before detail, however if big ant chooses to create a stadium creator, logo designer etc, I think it would only be fitting if these minor details could be implemented into the game

1. Where is the off the side line Led signage boards? Like seen in DBC17, these led boards added a bit of detail to the game that I thought looked good. So far, ANZ Stadium is the only stadium in the game to feature a small led signage board at each end of the ground. Almost every stadium in the NRL has the off the sideline led signage board so this is what I propose:

- A field editor
Instead of having to recreate a whole new stadium in the stadium creator feature that doesn't look similar, you should be able to have a rectangular field editor system that you basically create your own field (with your logos) and then this can be inserted into the stadium you want to play at. In this field editor, not only could you add the updated field logos, you should also be able to bring onto the field, Led signage as it would only just add to the realism of the stadiums. Instead of having the ugly choice of Led signage in the stadium creator with the concrete barrier, you should be about to add Led signage in small little sections so therefore you could re-create detailed sponsorship ideas that you see on Led signage on t.v or at the game. If you look at AAMI Park for example, in the game the field looks plain as the field just meets with the sideline of the grandstand. It would be cool like FIFA to have those off the sideline led signage and foam triangular prism sponsorship things to just make the game look more polished

Not sure how hard this would be to implicate, however can someone from big ant take this idea into consideration for an updated patch or new Rll game in the future. Thanks in advance

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