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RLL4 Xbox One Launch Tournament
Hi Gents,

Holding a knockout tournament for RLL4 starting Monday the 31st of July . 15 Spots available. Register below your gamertag if interested.

We will be hosting competitions later in the year however will start the games release with a few simple tournaments to gauge who is committed.

We will organise games through a Facebook messenger group. If you are uncomfortable with that sorry you won't be able to participate. You will have 3 days to play each game.

More info on teams selection etc later.

Once the 16 teams are full you may still register to be a substitute in case someone does not turn up to play their game.

Lets Go !

Teams !

1 - OTBrowny
2 - Pagmyst
3 - SwiftestBlade
4 - GudGo
5 - Liaam Au
6 - Doofy xo
7 - hughesylosesit
Hi "HKBrowny", I would like to be a part of this elusive tourney. I am on Xbox One as well! Big Grin Big Grin

My Gamertag is the same as my username here "Pagmyst"

I'm in.

Tag is xSwiftestblade

Are we picking teams yet? I'm just gonna get in early and shotgun Canberra.
We'll do a random order to select teams , so no early bird special Smile
Hi HKBrowny,

I am keen and am also on Xbox one! My gamertag is GudGo. Look forward to playing all of you and hope to see the man known as Vertigo make a return.
yeah sign me up

GT: liaamAU
Could I also join my gamer tag is doofyy xo of the dragons are available could I take them
On behalf of Yuna he says he's the best so i'll add him to this
up up cronulla
(07-28-2017, 12:16 PM)ET1980 Wrote: On behalf of Yuna he says he's the best so i'll add him to this

Hahaha if Yuna wants he can sign himself up
Hi HKBrowny, I'm keen to have a game! My username is my gamertag.

Cheers mate

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