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(07-26-2017, 06:36 PM)secondsolution Wrote:
(07-26-2017, 06:27 PM)tstev92 Wrote: For rep sides can you pick anybody or will you have that squad of 25 players again?

You can for origin but not any other rep sides. 

I know this feature was heavily requested, I personally don't like it. It was always fun seeing how many of your players you could get selected.

Nothing is more fun than an Australian side being selected randomly. Imagine my complete and utter shock the first time I played RLL4, picked Australia expecting to be able to pick my own squad for the World Cup and being met with the Morris brothers, Gallen, Branko Lee and a halves combination of Maloney/Thurston (You can't replicate real life with Thurston/Cronk because they both play halfback and BigAnt for the third game in a row can't figure out how to deal with that)

Then imagine picking a gun Origin team featuring players all 85+ overall and then lining up against a QLD team consisting of Branko Lee, Dale Copley, Jake Granville (Smith was available, lol), Korbin Sims etc whilst once again the likes of Inglis, Slater, Cronk, Smith, Scott, Holmes, Gagai, Morgan, Munster etc all miss out.

When they finally patch the issues that stop you from scoring and everyone gets to the point where they can slay teams on the highest difficulty the Origin games won't even be a challenge when I have 17 star players and QLD has 3.

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