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Fanhub Activation
Hi bigant peeps.  
Now that just about everyone on this forum has either got the game, or is being shipped to them, I was wondering what the deal with the fanhub is.  
I know there is an update that is yet to arrive, however I really want to access my custom stuff. 

The servers are not active yet for the fanhub, as per the facebook message from Tru Blu yesterday
The patch won't be released and Fan Hub/Online won't be activated until it is officially on sale in Australia (July 28 or when a retailer breaks the street date).
The game keeps signing me out!
Have you considered the possibility that the patch may not be ready just yet.
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/
Ross is in the house!!!
sorry if this has already been asked but can you download stuff made on the steam fanhub onto the ps4 version of the game, have seen an amazing retro north sydney logo/jersey and would love to get it on my ps4 copy when it arrives
Yes, you will be able to do that once the FanHub community server is up and running on 28th July. Everything created in the game is meant to be share-able across platforms.
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/

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