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Gameplay Vids and Live Streaming
Tip for general kicking.
Left stick controls how far your kick goes
A.I doesn;t draw and pass
I know exactly how to beat this A.I

There are improvements in the A.I like they run zigzag etc but the biggest flaw is that they don't pass on the occasion.

Most of the tries you conceded were from fends and not from clever A.I passing. There were alot instances where A.I broke the line and doesn't look for support players.

There was also the part where the ball was tapped back on the 5th tackle from a bomb and the A.I regathered it but ran straight to the defence instead of hot potato passing it.
Yuna are you PS4 if so what's your psn I'd love to spank ur bum
Can you compress your defensive line with L2 BEFORE the ball is played?.

Doesn't look like the AI does this at all.
Xbone mate
I don't want to be that person but it really does look a lot like RLL3...
In Career (Coach), are you able to control/select the team for your feeder club if you want to? Or do those games still automatically sim.

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