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The first review of Rugby League Live 4 is now live
The sentence doesn't really make sense. I'm hoping they just haven't had enough time to really know what has changed in career mode.
I thought he meant transfers between feeder so you dont have to sign your own players and loyalty wise ai controlled teams players not jumping around so frequently but maybe i read it the way i want it to be! Lol id be crushed if they removed anything from career i want more features not less
Can anyone answer if theyve fixed the stamina issue with the forwards. I dont wanna make 3 tackles with my hooker before he has no stamina left and the games only 5 minutes in
It's not in depth enough for me! i believe reviews on steam and Die hard fan's matter these guys well from the Game play they showed us LOL.
Point's they don't go on to

-Be a Pro Mode
-Control's from Harder or easyer than RLL3

I don't feel they reviewed this more like a hand's on
up up cronulla
(07-17-2017, 09:55 PM)Broncos06 Wrote:
(07-17-2017, 09:54 PM)Luke Wrote: I hope that player transfers happening automatically in career mode is not right.
Signing players is one of the best parts of any career mode.

Agree completely. I love signing new players

I presume he is talking about AI Controlled teams players loyalty and no ridiculous club transfers.

I actually found this a much more accurate article, than that sham from nine news. I actually enjoy this game immensely, despite the rather steep learning curve. It is far more the "sim" I was hoping for, than RLL3 was. After a week, I had RLL3 mastered, even on Legend, and it simply was no more of a challenge. RLL4 will take a lot longer to master, and with the A.I. doing some of the sneakiest and skill-packed tries I have seen, even on much lower levels, I am looking forward to finishing a season on LEGEND!

Once you have mastered the whole package, RLL4 is truly a great game. Welldone Big Ant!!

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