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Fanhub Tutorial Video Request
(07-15-2017, 05:40 PM)Dufeyz Wrote:
(07-15-2017, 04:20 PM)Jasche78 Wrote: Hi , 
Could the Bigant Team please provide video tutorials on Fanhub Logo sourcing logos, creation of logos, programs required, file conversion and applying the logo onto jerseys, adboards..etc.

I'm struggling with getting my head around it.
Or alternatively if there is a known youtube person that has done this could you please provide a link.
Many Thanks.

If you have any questions, ill happily help you out. It is pretty simple once you learn the basics.  
The most important thing, is the complexity of the logo you want to make. For example, the Mc Donalds logo is very simple, its just two colours, with two arches. Nice, easy and small. For this kind of logo, i would search up an png to svg converter, and put that svg file into the logo editor.  
If the logo is more complex, like the Panthers logo, KFC Colonel logo, or even a face, i would suggest using a program like illustrator. Recently, i use Illustrator to basically re-create logos. When i save files as an SVG in illustrator, it even imports the colours into the game.  
As far as jerseys and adboards go, you apply them in jersey/stadium creation menus.

Thank you for offering. Currently I am just using google to find logos in svg format and importing those....seemed to look ok in logo editor nut yet to see it added to an adboard or jersey.

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