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RLL4 Bugs & oversights
Seems that way a little. It's the little things like when you make the grand final and it says your competing for round 4 of the finals or you can't pick your line up once you get to the finals in the World Cup/four nations even if someone gets suspended. Can't see match review of other World Cup games without it crashing

Having said that I love this game and Between ashes cricket and this I will play a big ant game everyday
While it seems that way guys, myself and BA have said they can only do what Tru Blu approves, if they don't fund patches they don't get done. Big Ants support for their self published games is great and you can't fault them for working on their own games while they aren't getting paid to work on others.

In saying that, RLL4 should've been much better from release, I have no urge to play it, I find it frustrating where as I put hundreds of hours in RLL3 (still play it) and the cricket games and no doubt will with AO tennis.

Maybe Tru Blu just isn't investing enough for BA to accomplish what they aim to.
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