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Get your first in-game look at Rugby League Live 4!
Great post axe.

The point about ants on a big field is a MASSIVE plus.

Player size has always been off in that the scale was wrong with players too big compared to field size.

Bring it on.
I often wonder whether people who say 'ps1 graphics' or 'ps1 animations' were around originally or have recently played any ps1 game, let alone a sports game. I play quite a few on vita and while I love them for what they are, nothing made nowadays can be compared to a ps1 game, especially graphically. (Whether there are other far bigger issues with gaming now is a different discussion Smile )

To say such a thing comes across as very childish to me. Like people who comment about the quality of videos with the old toaster/potato line. Unfortunately it seems a fairly common barb to aim at sports games.
Dear Rugby League Developer
is there a Tournament/cup mode where u can create your tournament online/offline

Coach/manager mode u can watch cpu vs cpu on broadcast cam angle like u watch on TV ???

and free style rugby playground where u can play 3on3 or 5on5 like they have on NBA2k this features should be awesome

realistic is one part but fun part is wat bring people friends and family together and they will love the game more
Half time game highlight and end of game highlight , Man of the game highlights

real time celebration and presentation like in Fifa , commentator talk about good player and history , talk about previous game

international teams 

and zoom in zoom out in camera setting so we can adjust the contrast and zoom level

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