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RLL4 Release Dates
That's the unfortunate part of social media, now we have to listen/read comments from idiots in every corner of the earth. I miss the days when it was restricted to just my TV and my suburb.
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(07-21-2017, 11:03 AM)Eddie Wrote:
(07-20-2017, 11:44 PM)johncasey Wrote:
(07-20-2017, 11:07 PM)Eddie Wrote: Australian retailers dont care. They have many other issues to worry about.

They wouldn't care about lost sales/preorders? You know how businesses work, right?

Worked in retail for 20 years mate. 

Can guarantee you this title is a blip on the radar and the allocation to each location isn't even something to worry about. 

Walk into JB today and ask the manager if he knows what gets released in the 28th?

He won't know. It's not FIFA of call of duty.
I worked for many years at both EB and Game and I can assure you it's not a blip on the radar. For an individual store, losing a preorder or sale is a big deal. And we aren't just talking about one or two. Lots of people have canceled preorders and bought through Mightyape instead.

The RLL titles are hugely popular in NSW and QLD, and I've worked in stores that service both. You get many kids and adults coming in and asking when it's out. Any good manager/staff member knows the date. If they don't, they're just not good at their job.
I'm talking about JB
I'd say I'm surprised by another shambolic release of a Tru Blu published title but I think anybody who's watched Tru Blu conduct business since at least the first Rugby League Live would probably have expected something like this. The ineptitude of a company that has only ever shown a lack of judgment as well and truly been on full display once again. To come out and state that a game that has been put on sale (whether it should have been or not) "will NOT work" is well and truly absurd. The wording of Sebastian's statement was appalling at best and shows a complete lack of respect for consumers. Mightyape probably shouldn't have been selling the game, however, a 20th of July release was brought to the attention of many on the forum and Twitter. A company with any kind of care for it's product would have cottoned on to that sooner and put systems in place to ensure that what happened, didn't happen (some sort of contract perhaps?). But this is Tru Blu we're dealing with. I well and truly feel sorry for the guys and gals at Big Ant that unfortunately, are represented by such incompetence.
(07-21-2017, 03:03 PM)Eddie Wrote: I'm talking about JB

Regardless, John Casey's point is still valid that Australian retailers absolutely would care about losing pre-orders and sales.

Also I went into a JB today and asked if it had broken release date. The sales person was able to tell me the expected release date without looking it up
I'm getting my copy tonight but my excitement on playing this game has totally died down after reading the reviews etc.

Seems career mode is broken with these inflated salaries drama
Cmon someone break the God damn street date!!!
I'm happy to wait for the patch date.
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Still no word on a Steam gate. Sad
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/
(07-24-2017, 12:58 PM)theaxe1606 Wrote: I'm happy to wait for the patch date.

Yeah I get that but if it brokenide have 3 days to get used to the controls before the oatch

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