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Closer look at set plays
I don't know if this is a troll or spam post or something like that but that last paragraph triggered my thoughts on how set plays in the next Rugby League game could work.

Imagine being able to set running lines for each individual player in your team and be able to structure your teams play style for every play and for every tackle anywhere on the field...and not only that but be able to create depth for every play, add support runners, kick chasers and advanced forward play with hit up support from wingers and centers as well as fullback offload support. The added depth and customization that could be added would take the game to another level.

How it would work is like you would have a training field option, be able to select your favorite team, select that teams play structure or "playbook" and be able to select an individual play from your teams play grid. Your play grid would appear on screen with a 3 grids across by 5 grids down so it looks kinda like this...


Each grid from 1 to 3 equals left to right on the field left third, middle third and right third. 1 to 13 covers the length of the field in 20 metre gaps so there are 15 roughly 20 x 20 blocks, each block with 7 tackles, 0 to 6 which gives you the option of setting specific created plays to set up for each tackle on every part of the field allowing for a crazy amount of variety and depth for created plays and play structure all over the field.

Not only that but to create even more depth imagine using dpad down for depth of play for each play to have flat runners and deep runners for your created plays and you get twice as many options for every play and then you add support play to dpad up and each play could revert to specific chosen players running support lines for every play and dpad left to have chasers run kick chase lines and dpad right for forward runners support being your wingers and centers coming in and picking up the slack.

Creating plays would work by having a free roam marker select where you can select anywhere on the field and select a field block and set a position to start creating a play then select which tackle to create the play for and have your team line up on field and be able to select a player, set his start position and record the running line and do this with every player until happy then be able to play the created play and practice moves with it on the training field with or without defence and you can stop and move players around until happy then name and set the play to the chosen tackle on the block then if you want you could copy and paste the same play to multiple blocks on the field to save time. What will obviously set you apart from your opponent will be having the right plays available in the right place on the field at the right time. No 2 players will have the same playbook.

What would also be cool is if you could customize every teams playbook and play against the AI with created playbooks that you could create to mimic real life play!.

Another thing is you could possibly personalize and name every play so you could even create a play, set of plays or playbook that could be named and possibly shared on the fanhub for those who might have more knowledge of how certain teams real life play works and to save players time creating playbooks.

So yeah, just a crazy idea that I am still thinking of ideas for to make it a better idea so I will edit this post as I come up with things to add or change.

It is kind of what I think is the evolution of the automatic running lines idea which was a smart idea thanks to the smart chap at Bigant for that. I always thought that the select a play idea was the way to go but after RLL4 I don't really like the idea as it feels like a poor Madden knock off and just doesn't fit in my opinion so went back to the auto positioning idea and think it is the best option to go to and work off. Edit: I take this back and now feel the select a play idea has some merit in that if plays can be selected quickly enough to keep play flowing quickly you could use this idea by being able to instead of just playing to each set created play for each tackle in a zone  you could have 6 go to plays in each play zone and select the best play for the situation which I feel creates much more depth this way.

So yeah, dumb idea or does it have merit?. Thoughts, good, bad or ugly please.

Edit: And just to add and keep these together here are my defence ideas.

I kind of like the idea of giving players more control and removing the need for AI assistance with only retreating back the ten chasing on line breaks and getting markers square being the only needed assistance, so I thought the following controls might be a good way of going about a more manual defensive control setup.

L2 = Move Defensive Line forward

R2 =Sprint

L2 + Left Stick Down = Move defensive line forward + Nearest Player to ball carrier selected with Left stick and Defensive line can bend with support players moving forward quicker if nearest player selected with left stick rushes forward.

L1 + R1 = Compress defensive Line

L2 + Left Stick Down + L1 + R1 = Defensive line move forward plus select nearest player and defensive Line compresses. Line bends and players compress in support if selected player comes out of the line forward quickly with R2.

L1 = Slide defensive line Left or <<<

R1 Slide Defensive Line Right or >>>

Double Tap and Hold L1 = Umbrella defence Left side

Double Tap and Hold R1 = Umbrella Defence Right side

Umbrella defence brings players out wider forward in a wrap around formation in an attempt to cut off pass options. You can slide right and still umbrella Defend on the left and vice versa. 

X = Mid Tackle - Nullifies Fend/vulnerable to Step

O = High Wrap tackle - Stops Offloads/Vulnerable to Fend

Holding either X or O or both together draws your controlled nearest player and second closest to the ball carrier. Continuing to hold will engage more tacklers to the ball carrier. Doing so can leave you vulnerable to gaps opening and possible offloads to support runners exploiting them.

Triangle + Diving Tackle - Legs Tackle/Ankle Tap - Hold for legs tackle, tap for ankle tap. Can be goosestepped depending on distance. Vulnerable to shimmy.

L1 or R1 + Right stick = Selects along the line. 

D pad Up = Drop Back/ Bring up Wingers

D pad Right = Toggle Defensive Line Speed. Affects Stamina if high intensity is set for too long. Too high line speed can be exploited by good draw and pass plays but intercepts can be made easier. High tackles can also be made more easily.

D pad Left = Man Mark On/Off - This affects line spacing and how defenders react to attacking plays. If set ON defenders react to the positioning of their opposite which can be beneficial in that it allows for a more solid man to man defensive line but is vulnerable to gaps opening because the spacing can be mixed up depending on how the attacking team runs plays. Set to Off your line slides and compresses more evenly across the park.

Down = Bring Fullback into the Defensive Line/Drop Fullback Back.

So yeah, just some more crazy ideas I thought I'd just document here.
A spammer dug up this thread... but new conversation is always welcome on the topic. Will have to give feedback later though... the amount of thought you've put in that post requires the concentration that I just don't have at the moment. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Take your time bro, it's worth it lol. :p
I like the running lines in RLL4 and have had some good plays come from using them with a variety of passes. Some planned... others just a lucky accident.

More depth is the next step and your idea has merit... and a lot of depth Smile. Appart from the nightmare it will probably make for the programmers... I think creating your own plays could be great as it would put an individual touch on the attack side of the game and give you more control.

I'm thinking plays should be a sub-branch of attacking line formation... for a quick example Deep, Flat, Attacking kick (for kicks to corners / bombs / grubbers), Defensive kick (for fieldgoals, 40/20's, and territorial kicking), Grinding (for deep in your own half) and Attacking (for in the Red Zone).... and then maybe have set plays chosen for each formation.

For example.... Attacking should have plays for spreading it wide or driving it up the middle. However Defensively there would have to be adjustments to add depth and options to combat these various attacking options.

Keep the ideas coming though Radman... always great to read them Smile.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
My idea is pretty similar to rucks but more simplified. Remember Sidhe RL3 where they had deep, flat, wide and kick attacking formation? Well Bigant could incorporate RL3 with their current setplays cross, wrap around, hitup etc to add more depth in it.

For e.g. You can set up a deep formation with the wrap around attacking play. Or Wide formation with a wrap around attacking play etc.
I think each team should have a set play in a real life situation but automated; but can be interrupted in general play. But for user input I like what Ruck mentioned.

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