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Closer look at set plays
I ment to post this the other day but anyway.

So I was just looking through the textures I had extracted using Wouldy's creator and came across this:

They were listed as 'offensive tactics' so it seems these are the set plays we're getting!

[Image: noeSgG4.png]

Looking good.
Well this is one of the most interesting threads ever posted. IMO anyway.

Are there any more ? I'm trying to understand are they to be kept together like that or can they be split up and used individually.

Mind is going crazy.
Whats the 6th image?

Build your own custom play? Smile
With these and Ross' tweet from the street date thread, things are heating up.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
I'm kinda hoping they are components and can be used anywhere.

Also if they are predefined that would be disappointing.
The one on the top right is interesting....
Omg the empty one is that hinting at create your own!!?!?!??
Looks like NFL plays to me lol

The top right looks like a wrap around or something.
I'm pretty sure the last one (bottom right) is just the default setting for all Bulldogs attacking sets.
Is the bottom middle one the one we saw in the trailer for field goals?

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