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RLL4 street date break outlook
It's on the NZ JB Hi Fi website now with the 20th as the release date
That sucks
Can't reveal sources but I have been told the 20th for Aus. Don't shoot the messenger

Warehouse saying 20th too.
I did note on JB page that its the 20th for Delivery of online orders, that being with the weekend falling between, the 28th could still be realistic before you have the game?
(07-10-2017, 05:15 PM)Broncos06 Wrote: Maybe if you buy from mighty ape you will get it early because it is nz

Mightyape here in Oz is in Redcliffe out of of Gamesman. 
I buy from them all the time, I live in Nth Qld & they post games atleast 3 days before release. 
Maybe they will have the game early if Mighyape NZ release on the 20th.

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