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RLL4 street date break outlook
Means Wednesday is a big day for a video. Only 8 days out.
shotty calling in sick on 21st July if the game does get released on 20th
20th cough
I'm fucking hoping and praying that the game comes out at least a week early because I'm going overseas on the 27th for two weeks and it's going to make my holiday so depressing seeing gameplay all over YouTube. Sad Please big ant release early for a fellow fan
The Australian JB HI FI doesn't even have the game in there catalog. NZ is lucky
oh damn Sad. Looks like us Aussies will have to put up with crappy gameplay youtube videos from the Kiwis
Maybe if you buy from mighty ape you will get it early because it is nz
We haven't been given confirmation that it won't release in Aus on the 20th so I'll stick with my aus pre order
If anyone finds a retailer in Australia who is breaking street date let us know! Also time is ticking in terms of gameplay, if the game releases in 9 days and there's still no gameplay I would be a little concerned.
Origin 3

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