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Herbert Henry "Dally" Messenger
I'm not very good at creating player likenesses accurately, but I've had a go at Dally Messenger. He is the greatest rugby league player ever and deserves to be in the game. I've given him stats of 99/99, because if anybody should have them, its Dally M. He is the closest thing our game has to a Don Bradman equivalent.
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/
JT is the greatest of all time. How many Dally M's have Dally won? 0 Smile
Is he the greatest player ever? Pretty sure I can think of a few better than him
ET greatest ever in my eyes But have to agree with Yuna JT! he's pretty dam good But i'm from 80's 90's so Joey still king!!
up up cronulla
from my life time i would say that Wally Lewis, Mal Meninga and Ellery Hanley are at the very top of the pile.

Can't say iv'e even seen footage of Dally M so i can't comment but he was obviously a pioneer of the game and a great from that era.
I've not seen a player better than Andrew Johns, followed closely by SBW and then JT.
SBW was unbelievably good when fit. They should have paid him 10 million a year to stay in the game and he still would have been worth it.  Pains me to say it but i haven't seen a better player then Cam Smith. Lewis/Johns were good but not as good as him.
Sonny Bill, as much as I loath the bastard, was almost as good, in my eyes, as Joey Johns. But I still haven't seen better than Joey.
Greatest player for mine is Joey, he put props oh their arse courtesy of his huge rump.

Favourite player of all time is Cliffy Lyons!
How is joey even an imortal. Mal meninga should be before joey the drugo.

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