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RLL4 Templates & Models
Yeah I set it at admin from the start.
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(07-07-2017, 10:50 PM)Ickon Wrote: Yeah I set it at admin from the start.

Are using the 64 bit version? Also Ninja Ripper copies over dll files to RLL4's game dir, if there is a intruder.dll or d3d11.dll, delete them and start again.

You should only have the d3d11.dll file in the game's dir.

Also try changing the output dir to a folder on your desktop, instead of the games dir.
Actually it doesn't matter what Ninja Ripper you use x86 or x64, I thought they made two different dlls depending on what the game was running on. So try using the x86(32bit) version, if it still doesn't work I'll upload the dll file.
If anyone is having problems with Ninja Ripper, a error like this - dll copy error. Win32 error 0x00000005. In the "ninjaripper1.7.1\x64" folder copy the "d3dwrap.dll", the size should be 155kb and copy it to the RLL4 directory and rename it to "d3d11.dll". Load the game and when you want to capture, press F10 and all the .rip and .dds files will be captured to the output directory.
(07-06-2017, 12:28 AM)doggies2200 Wrote: [img][Image: ffMNrLx.jpg][/img]

Great stuff just wondering how to pack and import my nathan peats texture into the game since hes not scanned? I used to to this for rugby challenge a few years back and they turned out awesome. Hopefully they turn out good for this game so I can do most of the superleague guys

This would be incredible, most faces are great but some that are not scanned are sooooo much worse than what could be done on fanhub last year. A lot of warriors players especially look pretty poor, even the face scan ones. Would love it if you could import better faces.
Added the RLL4 Jersey Template to the first post.

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