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Rugby League Live 4 - FanHub Demo Available Now on Steam
Hi All,

The FanHub demo for Rugby League Live 4 is now available on Steam.

Create and edit players, clubs, referees and also for the first time in an RLL game create your very own logos and stadiums!

Download it here:
Great work. It's pretty overwhelming, there's so much to do!!!.

Loving the music as well. Smile
Hey boys, how quick was the download?
Took me 5 minutes. 200 down speed.
Can creations from the last game's FanHub be imported into the new game?
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/
(06-30-2017, 04:22 PM)Radman Wrote: Took me 5 minutes. 200 down speed.

Thankyou! That's awesome
(06-30-2017, 04:22 PM)Radman Wrote: Took me 5 minutes. 200 down speed.


- Can you upload a screenshot of the main menu?
- Are Set Plays visible?
- Are Drills available?
- Are there new controls?
- Are there new atttributes/skill sliders for players?
- Can you upload your own photos for our own player likenesses?

I have only just started with it so can only answer a few at the moment.

No to set plays
No to Drills
No to new controls if you mean gameplay.
What are the stats like???
Dont know much about computers so sorry for the question but is it unable to download on macbooks?

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