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Is it just more or does Josh Dugan's head look way too big for his body in the clip of him scoring?
[Image: latest?cb=20141210185802]
Ummm graphically that was woeful. Why does the conversion video look sooooo much better?

Running styles and push off tackles looked jumpy and artificial.

Still seems sped up to unnatural levels and I'm less excited now after seeing that.

BA I don't think this trailer has helped your sales.
My Birthday is July 26. Please have the street date broken by then guys Wink
They have shown 1 pass and numerous tackle animations and tackle bust animations. I want to see the passing game, 2nd phase play out the back plays and even set plays if they exist. Call me sour but this looks like RLL3 with face scans
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You're sour.

But I am too. It's not a good representation at all imo.
Like others would have liked to see more passing/game in motion etc, but I will say this, I like the gang tackling, and I personally think the movement in open play looks a lot more fluid, particularly going off of the bit where Rapana kicks out of the tackle on the wing.
Set Plays confirmed.
Looks good to me. Alot of nice subtleties there. Were'nt people complaining about starting a new engine and not following on from the one in RLL3. IMO for what its worth, #3 was so very close to being complete. If this new iteration is largely similar and builds on certain things, then I think it will be great. For me personally a few things prevented #3 from being this, such as the inability to adjust all the stats, not having sliders, the diving bootlace tackle being effective 100% of the time, no dropped balls from hits and collisions, AI players being sin binned too often for holding down, and too few options in customising and setting up career, and customising Jersey models/types etc. I can only speak for myself, but with the way I had the stats, I never had a problem with the way forwards were in the game. There was a strategy and an art to it that had to be earned, and once you figured this out, it could be used to great least for me. I believe most of these issues were acknowledged and will most likely be addressed. From a modding point of view, it looks like alot of what was created for #3 will be able to be carried across, which is very welcome news for those who spent a fair bit of time on this.
I for one think it looks great. 

Love the more gang tackles and the third man in taking out the legs like in the Panthers vs Manly and Dogs vs Sharks snippets. Running looks a lot more fluid. Hope power game was been improved.

I'd still like to see more passing like some of you have mentioned.

Graphically I think it's fine. Faces and bodies are great and Stadiums look nice. My only gripes are that players are muddy even when it's a fine day and some of the textures look dodgy(this can be easily fixed though).

To those of you that say it looks crap, fair enough but we've only seen tiny snippets of gameplay. Give it a chance.

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