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More RLL4 Footage!!
Goal Kicking looks like the kicking in Madden (The three lines are shown when kicking on Madden) Wondering if General play kicking will have the same lines show up.
Looks very similar to last years system, just displayed much better.

Like how commentary mentioned the game situation.
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
Love the look and sound of that, very well done  Big Grin
Kick success celebration...nice polish to that part of the game. Hopibg the new kicking system is more challenging. Atmosphere of crowd and commentary noticably improved. If this small insight and attention to detail is present throughout the other areas of the game we are in for a real treat. One word that comes to mind after watching is Excellence....well done Bigant on what has been revealed so far.
fucking awesome
It looks great and a huge improvement. Not sure if it's been said but strange that the kicking controls show up on the big screen at the stadium
scoreboard definitely needs work tho. also hopefully the commentary is as in depth as it was there but for the whole game. and i also hope they don't re rash those same lines everytime a big kick comes. other than that it looks awesome
Are the lines moving on purpose and you have to time it?
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This looks great! I have one question though..... Why do the graphics look better in this than they did in the teaser? haha
The game in this footage just looks a hell of a lot more polished than the previous Origin footage and it actually looks finished.

Graphics, especially the stadium, now look great. We have proper font for the numbers on players backs and we have proper field markings.

Only thing that's bad, and this is knit picking, is the old ANZ Stadium logo on the scoreboard and that weird black panel on the Queensland shorts (can probably be fixed in game anyway).

I was a bit worried after that first footage but this has now met my expectations. It looks and sounds great.

If the rumors are true, we could be playing this game this time next month! I'm so pumped!

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