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The covers are now out. Check out RLL4 facebook page. Adam Reynolds for Australia. Uk has Gayle
I can't work out who is on NZ one. Big Ant who is that?
It looks like Joel Moon
That's RTS on the NZ cover.
I prefer the ones I made. How the hell did Adam Reynolds end up being the cover star?
Mate, custom covers could be quite popular now.
It's only a cover.. But I think I'll be printing mine off and slipping it over the front of the official one.
Haven't seen them yet... but much like the last one, it's not going to worry me that much. Only had to look at Cameron Smith's ugly mug briefly before the back cover got my attention.

Once it gets home.... it's just another plastic case with the only exception being it's job is to protect my prized possession in the highly unlikely event that it leaves the PS4. Big Grin
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
At the wnd if the day I couldn't care less who was on the cover. They could throw Tim Simona on for all I care. I just want to play this game
True and I'm probably gonna go digital this time anyway.

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