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EA Cricket in the works
Looks like Big Ant have a rival on the way. Thoughts? 

Says around 15 million people still play Cricket 07 today Huh
I'll believe it when I see it and considering it's a shot of DBC at the top I'm dubious. And Ross, being close with some people at EA has said in the past that they're not interested.
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Is that the same 15 million people who have their DBC games rained out constantly? Or have trouble getting their controller to work?

Will be interesting to see if there is anything to this... considering the following quotes from Andrew Wilson a while back... “A cricket game really needs the sub-continent to make it viable,” he said. “And there is a series of barriers with respect to the economics, infrastructure, the disparity of mobile devices and services there. At the point that comes together, absolutely we’ll do a cricket game.”

Is it possible for all that to come together enough to convince EA Sports to give it another dig?
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That's definitely fake

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