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we need an ultimate frisbee game!
ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sport and needs a video game! thoughts?

"with ultimate currently being one of the fastest growing sport worldwide, its about time we get a video game! I mean if lacrosse has its game then so should ultimate. Thoughts?"
(03-31-2017, 06:24 AM)sharky Wrote: ultimate Frisbee is the fastest growing sport and needs a video game! thought?

That would be a lot of fun! It's not something we're working on, but you never know what the future will bring. 

Surely if the sport continues to grow at some point a developer will look at it as an opportunity. :-)
How about a remake of California Games encompassing all off these sports....."Bondi Games Live".
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First up, I wasn't sure if merging the two threads would affect the poll so I just copied your other post into your OP.

Now my first thoughts are... where are you getting these figures from? I haven't seen them and would love to see a reference to them (link).
I'm not saying that you're wrong, but I do love me some statistics and would like to check them out for myself as a quick look has generally given me different results.


Particularly of interest to me is both Lacrosse and Field Hockey (Great game Big Grin).

Now Lacrosse got it's shot for two reasons (IMO)
1) It's not only a popular College Sport in the USA, but has the popular MLL and NLL in the USA and is the official Summer Sport of Canada (I do believe).
2) It had Carlo Sunseri (Founder of Crosse Studios and Lacrosse Fanatic... AFAIK, I'm not a stalker but I believe these both to be facts Smile).

Oh how easy it'd be to run through the numbers and the pros and cons but the simple point is... there is no denying that throwing that perfect throw or catching a Frisbee on the fly isn't amazing fun. I'd play it and it could potentially be a very fun game to bring to the gaming world Big Grin.

However it's not a case of popularity but profile (IMO), and I don't think Ultimate Frisbee has the profile for a game of their own yet.

I do like Axes idea though.... The old California Games (and those Winter and Summer Games) were awesome fun. Smile
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I mentioned elsewhere we need an X Games game. But Ultimate would be cool in the future. It just seems a bit underground without much exposure at the moment but I know it is growing.

The other sport I thought might be great as a video game with both the female and male demographic is Netball. The game has more biff than Rugby League lol. :p

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