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International Teams with likenesses
Hi everyone im now working on the international teams. I was doing NRL teams but teams seem to be chopping and changing still so i will work on them once the season is underway.

The international teams will feature as many eligible players as possible to represent possible squads for the world cup this year.

Some teams will be listed as 2016 or 2017 beside the country name. This is just the year i made them.

To download the teams search the username: Head_Shot_266 in the clubs search engine in the fan hub.

So far i have uploaded the following International teams:

Australia 2016
England 2016
New Zealand 2016
Italy Azzuri 2017
Fiji Bati 2017
Samoa 2016
Wales 2016
Scotland 2016
Ireland 2016
France 2016
Jamaica 2016

More to come...... including international teams that are not in the world cup for 2017.

I hope you enjoy these teams. Cheers
Papua New Guinea Kumals 2017 are now up
Fine! Smile

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