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You must be online to play Bradman 17
Hey Guys,

I know this issue popped up with Bradman 14, unfortunately it has reared its ugly head in Bradman 17 too. I have not been able to log on due to the fact it tells me I need an internet connection to play this game (which I have).
I have tried updating everything I can think of with drivers as well as disabling firewalls (even though there are exceptions for bradman 17 there) disabling antivirus, (avast free) creating exceptions in the antivirus software. Getting rid of malware bytes. Uninstalling and reinstalling etc. When this happened last time Bradman 14 for me was unplayable for MONTHS and I really don't wish to experience that with this game.
Ironically enough Bradman 14 loads fine  Huh so go figure. Please help as soon as possible with this problem, my forum name is the same as my steam name so I'll be easy enough to find and I think I'm friends with Ross already? A quick resolution would be most desirable!
Thanks in advance!
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