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Baseball or Cricket?
I live in the U.S. and Love baseball,They say your Cicket game is like our baseball , Do you understand our game? I don't understand yours , I know you have wickets for outs and bowlers and you score a lot of runs. How old is your game.BAZEBALL U GOTTA LOVE IT! cricket?
I prefer Cricket rather than Baseball. My country is doing improve day by day in the game of Cricket.

Hessa Khan | PSL Live
Cricket and Baseball are much similar to each other but...I love Cricket over Baseball!!
As an American can I first say baseball does not have a z in it. By doing so it shows a lack of maturity and has to make it difficult for anyone to put any effort into an actual reply to you. I didn't understand Cricket until about 2 years ago but after watching it and learning about the game I can say that I enjoy Cricket much more than baseball. Compared to Cricket watching baseball is sort of like watching paint dry.
I have to apologize when I guess I could have been nicer about the Z in baseball but if the same time as an American its one of those things that tends to make Americans look like idiots

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