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Player Ratings
The player ratings being reported are after a year of Career mode and are not the ratings that the game starts with and are not those used in anything other than that particular individuals Career mode being played at that time.

The rating given is not an average of attributes, as it has been in previous games, it is calculated based on a number of weightings.

In order to see a true reflection of a player in Career mode you should look to the individual attributes of the player.

The stats used come from the same source as most previous RL games.

A more detailed explanation of how the weighting works will follow.
Overall ratings are only listed in the Career Mode Player Negotiation phase and are based on various weightings such as:

- Value for money: Based on the individual attributes, how does this player rate in terms of what he's poentially asking for (salary wise)?
- Current Form: Remember, these are numbers based on the end of the first season so form does come into play.
- Key Individual attribute ratings for that player's main position.
- Growth potential: A small factor but we do try to encourage picking players with potential growth, even the more experienced players.

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