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Second Impression
So after attending the NCAA championship game I started to play this game again and have been playing for about the past week. Idk if this game has been updated since the beginning or I am just playing differently but it now plays much better.
-I am seeing a lot more successful checks leading to more groundballs and therefore a more realistic game. Also seems to be that the AI is not just throwing the ball downfield as their way of getting the ball down the field.

-Offenses are not just taking random shots but they are moving the ball into the middle and trying to get clear shots.

-Just a really good game, really incredible for a game that I'm sure had a really small budget. In fact, I'd say it's the best BA game and better than every other sports game than probably NBA 2k16 (Lacrosse is also the only sport that I've played that BA has made a game for, I've played union and baseball but not league or cricket, so I'm a little biased.)

The only thing I would like to see if you guys make another game is college recruiting and more penalties. Maybe have a risk reward where if you sprint and check you might make contact with the head and draw a penalty for that.

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