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My review of CL 2016
I would like to start off by saying that I'm backer, and I've been following this game since it's first release on the Xbox. My anticipation for this game has been strong, but I have been patient.

This won't be an extensive review, but simply going off several things that I have noticed over a month's time: what I like and what I dislike; some gameplay issues, and such.

I would also like to describe from where my perspective is drawn. My experience with this game has been solely with career mode (coach), utilizing a slanted, overhead camera angle, on junior level difficulty. I haven't experimented with potential game options, if I'm missing something. I normally just launch and play. So please take that into consideration.

Overall, my experience has been akin to playing an arcade. This can be interpreted in two, contrasting ways. First, the general feel of the game is fast-paced, quick, in the sense that every move can be lined up for a goal; you'll find yourself switching fields in quick successions, via goals or turnovers. This element does allow for players to be rewarded instantly, especially for new players - relying solely on passing and shooting, either by choice, or, a lot of times, circumstance. Which segue-ways to my next point: the game lacks proper constraints and AI-adaptability.

The arcade nature of this game forces players to abandon, otherwise strategic lacrosse play, for a quick goal. The aggressive nature of the CPU AI and lack of awareness of the player AI, is what kills me. The CPU AI is playing close-man while the player AI is standing there, most of the time doing nothing, until your controlled player switches position. This is incredibly frustrating if you're trying to maneuver the ball around the goal, because the probability of getting body-checked and knocked out is very high. And it goes in tandem with the CPU AI's ability to dislodge the ball from you, just as easily as they can knock you out. The other way around, it was difficult for me to mirror the CPU AI: body checks and stick checks are difficult, as it should be (but the CPU AI doesn't agree). Because of this, I felt compelled to quickly pass to an open player before they positioned themselves, and were locked to an aggressive defense. You can try to get around this doing a variation of dodges, which I believe forces one of your player AIs to cut. I'm trying to figure out if it's actually a cut, or just re-positioning. However, this shouldn't be required to get your players to create offense.

Another issue comes down to playing defense. From my experience, it doesn't feel as if I have full control of my players. Rather, when I do control them, I am contending with what the AI wants to do, or exaggerated reactions that pulls me away from my mark. It doesn't help that player movement feels like you're sliding (?). When I do have my mark, it's difficult for my player to shift it's body to adjust to the opposing player's movement - they tend to face forward and be clipped, if the opposing player decides to run straight, through. This is further confounded by the lack of defensive movement - I rarely see slides. Player defense doesn't adjust: it's ball watching with little support. Switching between defensive players is a struggle - sometimes I get switched to the guy that couldn't be further from the guy with the ball. When you combine these factors, you find yourself giving a lot of unnecessary goals.

One thing that I don't quite understand is the sprint button. Why isn't there an acceleration/velocity type system, similar to FIFA? Not being able to gauge my player's movement and stamina is disappointing.

Finally, it isn't all that bad. Despite the issues, I still find myself enjoying the game. This game brings a lot of good ideas, which appears conflicted by lack of freedom and movement, when in formation. There are various functional, gameplay elements that keeps me coming back for more. It's a bittersweet experience, because I do see the potential for a better game, if tweaked around.

So yeah, this was more of a quick review. I may have misinterpreted some experiences, and it's entirely possible that I'm just not that good.
Hi Gabro,

Thanks for your review, we're always glad to hear feedback and we're definitely looking at ways to improve things for the future.

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