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Thoughts on CP Lacrosse 2016
I bought Lax 16 off of the PSN store last evening and after a few hours of playing I'm very impressed with the game thus far.

The aesthetic very much reminds me of RLL 3. Not that that's a bad thing. RLL3 (and Lax 16) look great. I wish there were a few more stadiums and maybe the possibility of changing the logos on the field and different colored artificial turf a la Boise State's blue football field.
Maybe something that could be done through FanHub? On the topic of further customization, would stadiums customization be reasonably possible? I really like how fluidly the game flows and it was really satisfying to intercept a pass or make a save in your own half and break up field. I had a little trouble getting used to using R2 to pass (for whatever reason I had it stuck in my head that you used X to pass).
The implementation of the FanHub to make up for the lack of official licenses is brilliant. The "on disc" names of all of the teams and college conferences are rather punny and gave me a good chuckle.

All in all very impressed with this game and I hope that Big Ant and Crosse Studios continue producing these great games.

(Also, 1 final thought/question, Crosse Studios had previously made a NLL (box Lacrosse) game that was released on Xbox Live Marketplace. Is there any possibility that either CP Lax or it's sequel will have a box lacrosse mode?). Thanks for reading my rant!

P.S. - Crosse Studio's NLL Game was NLL Lacrosse 2010
Hi FcbayernDM,

Thanks for the feedback. It's great to hear you are enjoying the game.

As for your the customization of stadiums and box lacrosse, we shall put it into consideration for the next edition, should we develop another. Wink

For anyone looking for an online match, you can find me on PSN as Torrrr7.

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