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DBC 2016 suggestions
I really love this game, keen to see the new version, here are some observations from me..

[bug] commentators don't say good over for the batsman if I've smashed 30 but there has been 2 wickets
[bug] - sometimes if I hit the ball into the ground first and a fielder drops it, it says oh no he's dropped it even though it wasn't a catch
[new feature] show me the total I'm chasing when batting second, not just the required RR
[new feature] if I've skipped ahead using [Y], show me a summary of any event on resuming e.g D Warner [out] for 32 bowled
[new feature] I know you can look around, but a mini map of fielder locations would make it more efficient for long games
[new feature] more stats during the game, run rate worms, batsmen average etc
[new feature] option to change bat weight for different games e.g larger bat for T20?
[new feature] commentators aware of overall run rate compared to required run rate, it's always over to over comments not how the game is going
[bug] Also, if someone catches a six (over the line) and drops it, it says "oh no he's dropped it" when it was always a six.
[bug] Also, a player dropped a catch over the boundary line, but through it back and it didn't register as a 4..
-There needs to be a map layout of all the fielders
-The fielders need to faster when throwing
-Wicket keeper AI needs to be improved with animation that coincide with the ball coming to the keeper
e.g. 1st slip has stopped the ball and has thrown the ball to the wicket keeper and the batsman are running, As soon as the ball comes near the keeper he should smoothly grab the ball and hit the stumps in one complete smooth animation.
-tutorial on the game on how to bowl the perfect ball
pace or spin
-lights on the stumps
-Commentators need to be changed up and more dialogue needs to be added
e.g. stats,player news,the ground
-The crowd should be different for each match type.
especially ipl
-This may be asking too much, but a face scan to get your face in the game would be amazing.
-batting target
-average run rate
-fan vip box in the stadium purely for aesthetic
-When you share play and your playing each other , if the other person looses connection the match ends.
-between innings their should be a bunch of people analysing the first innings highlights.
can we expect a beta version in september of dbc 2017 for PC ?
There are no replays for wickets or sixes after few balls. In real they keep appearing. Also, look for cheer girls!Big Grin

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