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Developers Insights ( Request )
Hello Big Ant community ,
It's amazing how active this forum is with helpful tips and insights regarding the Big Ant titles .
One thing that I've noticed is that with RLL3 there seems to be a lot of people with "What Works For Them" tips, I would really think the community ( And Game ) would benefit from some Developer Insights vids or even write ups with in one of the threads here on the forums .
This is one thing 2k does right with NBA 2k , they are heavily active with the community and give insights on how the game mechanics and system were designed to be played .
I do feel there are common issues people have with the game , are we just playing it wrong ? Are we reading certain things wrong on field ? Are we not utilising things that we should be ?
Having some developers insights could possibly make a whole world of difference when playing RLL3 .
Do you guys think this would benefit the game and the community ?

Thanks .
So nobody would like to see the devs explanation in how their game 'Should' be played ? Yeh it's easy to say do this and do that but the benefits of such a developers insight series could be helpful for fans of RLL3 and even future development of RLL , for example , it's been strongly stated how knock-ons never happen from big hits etc , I would like to hear a developer give their insights on these situations , I would like to see how 'They' play it , could we learn anything ?
No disrespect to big ant , Ross actually is very helpful here on the forums so salute to him for he's constant interaction here on the forums but let's hope the dev team could shed some light on some of the issues ppl have and possibly make us all better players from such insights .

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