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Xbox One

I have checked the Xbox One store and still cannot find it? Desperate to play it as I love lacrosse any help?
It's a rating issue - it is available of PS4 and Steam but Xbox have a strict policy on Australian ratings.

I will update as soon as there is news.

Big Ant Studios store at
Hit them up to release Table Top Cricket too please Ross. I'm still holding onto hope lol
It's really poor form from Microsoft/Xbox Australia. You'd think they'd want their Australian developers to succeed but this is now the second Big Ant game at risk of not being published on the Xbox Store. I might find a support line to Microsoft Aus and give them a rev.
It's not so much a MS issue as a ratings issue, we've now had the game cleared *everywhere* except here in Oz.

Big Ant Studios store at
Looks like it's not coming to Xbox, damn you Microsoft Australia! Might buy a PS4 soon that way I can pick up both Lacrosse and Tabletop Cricket!
Bought a PS4 today. Lacrosse come at me Big Grin
(05-27-2016, 07:30 PM)jhack13 Wrote: Bought a PS4 today. Lacrosse come at me Big Grin

Hope you enjoy!

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