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Career mode major issue
Great game! I have a game killer for me though if it is not fixed/patched.. After downloading teams/uni's etc... which they look great because of the amazing customization options! When I start a career with new downloaded teams all the ratings drop drastically ex.. Kavanough (NDame) goes from a 93 rating down to a 72 rating?? I think the player names stayed ok but team overall ratings and all edited players ratings become useless. ND is a 81 rated team after download but when I start a career with them they drop to something like 58 over? Any help? Maybe I did something wrong?
This is because of the scaling placed on teams by default as an option when starting career.

You can turn this off in the initial career start up settings where it says 'SCALE PLAYERS RATINGS - YES/NO'. This applies a 70% scaling to all player ratings.

If you have this option off then the players remain at their overall outside of career.

This was done to ensure a better balance through multiple seasons of career.
FYI Even with the scale players ratings turned to NO, it still changes the ratings. Just created a new league last night and it happened. Using a pro team my ratings dropped to high 60s and low 70s on my overall team ratings, where as in casual play those same team ratings are high 70s and low 80s. This issue is also mentioned in the Lacrosse 16 thread over at OS. (

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