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How do lineups work?
I'm a pretty big newb to lacrosse. Other than attending 4 box lacrosse games in here Minnesota when we still had the Swarm, I don't know anything about this game and have never really watched it.

How do lineups work? Meaning, what are the bench spots? I have defenders on the bench with a 1 beside them, then multiple midfielders with either a 2 or 3, and then attackers with a 4. What determines which guys rotate in or not?

Also, how do I change lineups mid-game? All it does it give me these weird green and red arrows and I don't know what they do.

Just a short explanation on your query.

At the start of the match or in pause during a match, in 'Team Management' you will see the lineup.

The first 11 players are your starting lineup. Although only 10 take the field. The FO is a specialist position for the face off then get gets subbed.

The 1,2,3,4 with 3 players each represent potential 'Line subs'. Therefore you can have 12 subs in the game. Stamina and situation (in attack or defence) usually determines auto subs.

For manual subs, the green tick shows who is on the field at the current moment. When you select a sub to replace a green tick, there will be arrows to represent players to be subbed on and off. Once the sub is done, the player subbed in will now have the green tick.

Cheers. Hope you have fun playing Casey Powell Lacrosse 16.

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