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Team Creation Issue
I love everything about the team creator in this game, except ONE thing.

Allow users to choose "none" for commentator description of your team and default commentator to saying "home team" or "away team" if that option is selected.

It's great that you can choose a word the commentator will use to describe your team. My only issue is that the current options are very limiting. They are very specific and don't leave a lot of room to build teams. For example, if I want to build a team called "Homeless Vagabonds", I'd be forced to choose a commentator word that describes the team. I'd be stuck with something like "Ohio" or "orange and black" or "birds"....and is unrelated from my team.
Hi Jawa Wrangler,

Thanks for your feedback. We shall look into your suggestion.

Its great to hear you love our Academy. Hope you're loving the other parts of the game just as much.


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