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I have a couple of suggestions I'd like to share for the new dirt track game your working on.
Firstly special events.
I think there should be events for the greatest drivers in each class. For example Mel Kenyon in the midget class and Steve Kinser in the sprint cars.
The player can start out in the first car the drivers raced in, completing goals like winning an event to passing a certain amount of cars to being careful with fuel mylage so they can go to the next stage with a possibility o[/font]f a new car. At the end of the challenge they will unlock a special car you can only get by completing the challenge. For Kenyon it can be a yellow no. 61 3-K midget car and for Kinser it could be a sprint car with the famous quaker state livery.
Next I have in mind is some thing you mentioned in the kick starter.
Online series creator.
It can be an offline ( one that you and or another player race a season in split screen or you just watch AI race around) or online (you already pretty much know).
So to start off it could have a customized logo, a description, a password creator if it is going to be a private series and an entry form they can gill out (a very short one)
The manager could choose from all of the tracks for each race and choose how the meetings are going to work ( there would be presets).
The person could choose to have a computer do reffereeing or to do it him or her self( because the computer can stuff up some times).
There are more things I have in mind of doing but I'm not going to do it now or this would stretch to be over maybe 1000 words (I think it has already) .
So anyway hope you get some good ideas from this and I hope to be being asked foe more...

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