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Passing Help
Im new to this game and I cant find any other threads that help me out. Im not trying to play hot potato but im still finding my passes going to ground often or they find the intended player but that player doesn't lift their arms to catch the ball rather they just let it hit them in the chest and its called a knock-on, I get 3-4 knock ons like this every game ive played. Is this happening to others im holding down L1 or R1 for cut outs but its still happening. Occasionally from dummy half I try to do a cut out pass but the pass ends up to the player next to me. Very frustrating any tips or help are much appreciated.
Only time I get passes bouncing off players is when :

a) a player gets in the way of a pass
b) a deflection
c) forcing passes

Without seeing video its hard to say, but try passing to players in the open / not under pressure and timing passes.

As cut outs going to the guy next to you, I find this is because I queue the pass while players are still moving into position or its because the intended receiver isn't in position.
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