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Team Upload Question
I've been trying to upload a couple of Professional teams that I edited that are more accurate in terms of the names of the players and such. However, when I upload them the players on the edited teams still have their original (fake) names. I'm wondering if there's an issue because I just edited the players already on the teams as opposed to creating new players and adding them. Could you let me know if there's a better way to edit/upload a team so that all of the edits I make show up correctly in the Community part of Lacrosse Academy?
Hi SmoolyD,

Are you still encountering this issue? We have not been able to reproduce your issue here. Nonetheless, I shall try to assist you with the easiest way to change the names/identity of the fake players to the 'real' ones you want to update to.

Say you want to rename all the Players in 'Atlanta Blaze', assuming you have run 'Get Best'. Firstly, you have to find and edit the players individually. You cannot search via the teams menu. So,

1. Go to Lacrosse Academy => Players => Edit Player
2. Filter, 'Belongs to League' => Professional, 'Belongs to Team' => Blaze
3. Select the Player you want to Edit
4. Select the tile and edit as you please, back out.
5. Repeat step 3 & 4 for as as many Players as you want
6. When done back out to the Lacrosse Academy Menu, Select Teams => Edit Teams
7. Find the 'Blaze' or team you edited. If you check the Roster, you will see the edited names.
8. Go to Sharing and Share. This should work.

To confirm go to Lacrosse Academy => Popular Teams.
The recently shared team should be near the top of the list. Select the team and check the Roster, the changes should be there.

Alternatively, go to Lacrosse Academy => My Community => Search My Content.
Filter for Teams, select the Team and check the Roster as above.

I hope this helps you. Good Luck in making the rosters 'Real'.


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