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Resuming online incompleted games
Hi another thing I have noticed and I just wish to understand how it works!

For some games that were not completed online, when I go to "continue" to start to play them or resume them, I get an option that says "Calculate Results". using this option it calculates the results and deletes the file I had saved for resuming.

Why this option is not shown for all the games that were incomplete?

A lot of bad players quit at the time losing, is there a way that I get awarded my good XP points anyway? Like if I had scored centuries or what not but when he quits I go home with 0.
might be server issues?
No I mean.
Let's just say we are playing, and at the brink of loss you just go to PS menu and quit the game. That's it. It asks you to save the game and telss you that no points are awarded for incompleted games.

I am not talking about any errors or internet/power disconnection issues. Because on those caes the opponent will resume the game. But once the losing opponent chickens out you are at loss. Happened to me after a hard faught Test Match. I needed 1 run in 4th innings after bowling him for 72 overs in 2nd inning (he blocked and blocked and blocked)

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