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Ratbag 2002 WoO Ps2
First of all this is totally IMO.
Not Being Negative at all on this project.

Firstly Big ant has Ratbag people working for them.
i am a little bit worried about this project with all these suggestions, that it might just affect the quality.
What i am trying to say is please keep it simple.
Work on the Sprintcars for now, if they are successful then you can remake with Late Models, Midgets Etc..

WoO 2002 on ps2 was way before it's time. It has been the most realistic dirt racing game we have ever had followed by Stock Car Speedway.
Why Not Just Make little "tweaks" to that game like Updating the drivers, Making New Tracks, (Australian + NZ plus a few more in the USA).
It will be a top seller guys. as it still is today on PS2
Maybe add in Online Play
Plus maybe add more cars in events i.e 70 car fields means a D main,C Main,B Main, A Main etc.

Remake this game, Gauge the audience and units sold. see how it goes, you wont need too much money to remake the game. and it's what the racers want. Then make a big project out of the new game you are creating.

This is My thoughts, Don't Promise the world if you can't deliver.
keep It Simple and know you've got a game that is sellable.
Please Remake WoO 2002! The Best Game ever made. for Real Dirt Racing Fans!HeartBlushBig GrinBig GrinTongue

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