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2016 AFL Live List Update
So some of you may be aware of a group on facebook called the AFL LIVE GAMING HUB, a place where we share all of our similar interests in AFL and is also the home of the HubDate, where users of AFL Live on the PS3/XBOX 360 can get the 2015 list update. Now i was hoping that I can use this HubDate that I received in my email (the 2016 HubDate) and was hoping that someone in here knows how to mod lists so that I and many other PC players never have to use the 2012 GOTY update lists ever again!

If you know how to do it please get back to me via private message, reply to this thread or email me at [email protected]

Thank you Smile
Hi, I recently bought AFL Live GOTY on PC. Are there any roster updates for pc?
Go the mighty Lions!

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