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Brain storming for funding
So we need to recognize that the biggest obstacle in getting this game done is funding. The kick starter is out there. But a lot more needs generated.

My idea is to try to get sponsors on board. Some of the same sponsors that payou big money to advertise with the lucas oil series or others. I know it's easier said than done.

Another thing is make another teaser video with a late model. A lot of people don't take the time to read the article and just say oh it's too bad it's not late models. The same for street stocks and mods. Also if it mentioned that this could be a console game not just pc.

Finally end the video with a call to action asking fans to donate to make this happen.

Who has other ideas?

One more idea

Make a demo version. Just a late model with one track. Then put together a simulator to have some Americans take to the big races like the World 100. People can pay 5 bucks to take laps. And while they wait in line you can have someone with people skills introducing them to the game and explaining why funding is needed. Then hopefully they donate. This will take than just this month.
I think we need to start emailing maybe some big names sponsors, such as hoosier, maybe lucas oil? If we can all get behind, maybe someone will donate a few thousand dollars? I would love to get some big backers that could cover the 1.5 mil and we could get the best possible game.. Or even just cover the basic game. Lets make this happen!

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