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"You must be online in order to play Rugby League Live 3" Alert
Hey folks,

I've recently purchased a new laptop and, having had no issue on my desktop, opted to put RLL3 on that laptop. I used a Steam backup to transfer the data. Starting the game, I was graciously met with an alert stating "you must be online in order to play Rugby League Live 3".

I have since tried a few different things, including a cache check, deleting the folder in "My Documents>My Games" and various small files in the RLL3 data folder (and cache-checking again), wholly downloading the game, and using a wired connection, all to the same presenting issue.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Been doing the last few days for me and now all my fanhub data has gone completely. Game crashes all the time up loading stuff to Fanhub ! Fark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my teams gone. Heaps of work too.
Sorry to hear it's more than just me. Did anything change for you prior to the game doing this?
As far as I can tell from here there has not been any down time on the FanHub servers.

I can track point to point to try and work out individual issues people may have but only after 4th January.

Big Ant Studios store at
lucky I have all but one team not loaded to fan hub!
Online prompt coming up for me all the time now too.
Takes about 2 mins/ 20 prompts before I can actually do anything.
getting the same thing everyday - takes about 10 presses of A or X to get around it
X1: Kulch
PSN: akulch
Steam: Kulch
same problem here pressing A button for 20 minutes..still nothing

very frustrating
This is a joke!?

It was playing up when I installed on my mates pc a couple days ago but would eventually let u play and now it just prompts this message and seems to load after a few 'OK' clicks and does nothing!!

Fix asap pls we need to finish our season! Rd 23 and 21-2 on vet level =(!
Getting sick of this error..... please fix it naow!!!!!!

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