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Great tactic
One of the best ways to make an impact in this game, whether that be making strong metres up the guts, or breaking the line is...

Switch passes. (At least that's what I think they're called)

Much more effective than the standard inside passes.

Get the ball to one of your playmakers, use them to run across field, wait for the defence to rush up on your playmaker, then, pass the ball to one of your teammates outside you just at the right time so that by the time they receive the ball they're now on the inside of the bloke who passed it to him.

They should, if done properly, hit the ball at speed, on the angle, back in the opposite direction, making big metres, or even better, a linebreak.

I will almost always do my hitups this way now, as they're much more productive than a standard hitup with a forward, and definitely much more productive than an inside ball.

Switching up the angles is key to splitting the defence in this game.

Another great tactic is when using a fast player, eg centre of winger, rather than use the sidestep animation, you'll have much more success quickly changing your direction at speed. Run straight, as defence approaches you, quickly change your angle at speed.

Anyone else got some useful tips and tricks that works well for them?
Up the mighty Eels Exclamation Cool
I second this notion, I use this to good effect at least two times each set of six.

As for my tip, it is probably dependent on your gameplay style, but I'm very completion rate focused. So what I like to do as soon as I get my hands on the ball on the second tackle, I start shaping my attacking plays to set up for a kick on the 4th tackle. It may seem early to think about planning your kicking when it is your second tackle, but you almost always get a better clearance when you kick before the 5th tackle, as the fullback is floating around the backfield alone, and about 10 metres closer to the defensive line than he will be on the 5th. Kicking on the 4th tackle is most ideal as you can better plan your previous runs to suit kicking position, while maximising metres gained. Awareness is a large part of this game, and knowing how to exploit your opponent pays big dividends in each game. My philosophy is that even a poor kick is smarter than a poor completion rate, because realistically you stand to make 40 metres or so from the average punt, and only 10 metres or so from each average run. It makes more sense to me, for when you are leaving your own half, to ensure the punt is placed as well as it can be, rather than making that extra 10m run on your 4th tackle.
^^ pretty much how i like to play as well, use my the first few plays in the set with the forwards, on the 3rd or 4th get my playmarkers the ball and start running some angles with dummys and cut out passes, but if im playing from my own end of the park ill do the simple 5 forward hit ups and kick on the 4th or last.

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