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I've talked to EA
I've went to a Ea forum and asked this
"My name is Charles and I live in Australia. Ages ago EA made afl games. And if our market is to small to spend the money to make a game, then please let our companies use the ignite engine to make the game. this will cost u nothing if not make u money. The problem with every Afl game has to do with the engine. When the next gen consoles come out our companies don't have the staff or money to make a new engine, so what we get are really bad games.

Tru blue are the publishers for the AFL licence.

Big Ant will make a great game if u gave them your engine

wicked witch is making the next one and the last one the made which was called AFL Live 2, was awful. Plz think about this. you have an amazing engine plz let them use it."

and this was the response

"Thanks for the feedback/suggestion, but unfortunately this isn't anything we'd have any control over. I didn't even know we had the AFL license, considering we've not mad an AFL game in 16 years.

Perhaps the relevant Big Ant folks could reach out via the appropriate corporate channels if that's something they're interested in"

Big Ant plz contact EA they are willing to talk. Imagine their engine with afl.
Because of Big Ants working relationship with Tru Blu Big Ant will never make a competing game while Tru Blu are publishing licenced titles. What needs to happen is Tru Blu need to return the development back to Big Ant.
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I went to tru blu's website and I couldn't find a way to contact them, with big ant they have a forum. anyway if big ant made a cricket game with ea's engine it would be as good.
I talk to EA very often, I am very good friends with their CEO - they will not be making any of Cricket, AFL, NRL, any time soon.

Big Ant Studios store at
well they don't have to make it, you guys will make it, they will just supply the engine. is that possible. To simplify what I'm saying
EA Provides the ignite engine. they will allow you to use it to make you games. thanks for responding so soon.
will that be possible. and how can I contact tru blu so I can talk to them?
I don't think you understand what I am saying - EA are not interested in any of our local sports, whether that be them making it or anyone else, the market is far too small for their involvement in any way.

Big Ant Studios store at
(10-15-2015, 02:20 PM)Ross Wrote: I talk to EA very often, I am very good friends with their CEO - they will not be making any of Cricket, AFL, NRL, any time soon.

are you saying that they are considering a union game?
I'd rather Tru Blu just go with what Big Ant have got going on. Rugby League and Cricket are doing great without EA.
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Just trying to get Big Ant to make AFL games again is a big step it seems.
That's what I like about Football!

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