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Small Issues that I've encountered

I know every game is not perfect and bug free but I'm not here to bash on the game unlike other people..

I'm just going to list a few issues that need patching in future updates. I might edit this post when I find more but here are the few.

- Scoring a try but drop the ball and it would go to video referee and call it a no try but still gives it a try despite the video referee has called it no try.

- Same thing as above but this time it would go for a 20m restart as it would normally would but you don't get the zero tackle. It will start from first only first tackle. Other 20m restarts start from zero except this one.

- Tackle completion not counted as completed when going into half time or full time. (This one is a little redundant but I might be wrong and it may supposed to not count, somebody correct me if I'm wrong)
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