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Online Root Glitch
That's right you heard it had a crack at doing online had a couple of us have some good game's then all of a sudden would be held on the ground and start's What we called it the "Root Glitch" then have to leave the match Sad
up up cronulla
Probably need a little more to go on so we can figure a fix for whatever it is...

Big Ant Studios store at
As I said... Fk you're weird.
uhm, does it look anything like this?
Explain what the root glitch is.

Ok I looked at that video above, that's hilarious lol
It seems to be this:
Yep Duffeyz got it couldnt get out of it had to quit Sad

And also Ross this only happend 2 times in the 10 hours we where playing about 4 of us so.Didnt happen very often but you know Big Grin been bloddy good night 5.26am started playing online with Bunch of randoms we got on the piss played each other fucken fun night..
So of the Best matches by far no Lag (maybe sometimes they where pom's lol)

Question - Is there anyway to change the 8v8 online tournaments may be to 4v4 or 6v6?
And weather wise can we get weather reports before games or not?

thank you and good night
up up cronulla
(10-02-2015, 09:40 PM)Dufeyz Wrote: uhm, does it look anything like this?

lol, that ref
Bmadden smashed me last Night Yuna like 20-4 or soemthink lol
up up cronulla

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