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Steam Build Notes
Here is an image showing off the lovely high textures and lighting at max settings (1440p res).
I love playing with the Broadcast Balanced camera view, so much fun running into a gap with Johnson or your full back from those kick returns.

Reading all those reviews of people saying the game is not up to it really is incorrect. Having so much fun with this game now.
wow, looks so real
Yuna it's easy i used to be a winger back in the day and when i see a good line to run call for the ball 9/10 get a try i'm playing it like how i played Rugger Big Grin
up up cronulla
High detail character issues will be fixed and an update issued very soon (today).

Big Ant Studios store at
have u guys downloaded all the best players already to get your careers on track for realism?

I think I have to do it again for PC
X1: Kulch
PSN: akulch
Steam: Kulch
For some reason Penrith are missing their nines jersey?
It was there in the 360 version..
Are you sure there's no gameplay tweaks Ross?

I've had players hitting the line at full tilt so far, catching the football right next to the dummy half and hitting the line hard.

There seems to be more two man tackles as well.

MUST be anecdotal, maybe I'm just noticing more on my monitor, haha.
no wonder I was losing, I doubled checked my difficulty settings on be a pro mode, and it was on veteran lol
I'm probably a bit of a noob, but I've just installed the game on Steam, hit Play, and a little pop-up window briefly appears saying "Preparing to launch Rugby League Live 3" before it just disappears, then nothing happens.

Am I missing something?

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